Centerity Monitor


Centerity Monitor is a unique all-in-one performance and availability monitoring solution for your entire IT and network infrastructure. Centerity Monitor will track, detect and monitor your physical and virtual servers, standard and proprietary applications, networks, storage, database and passive equipment. Centerity’s advanced features provide accurate measurement of perfromance and avialability as well as User-Experience Monitoring, Business Service Management (BSM), Inventory Management and dynamic threshold management.

Know Your Network In Real Time

Centerity Monitor will track and isolate network problems before your customers, end-users, or managers are affected. Centerirty monitor includes Agents, Agent-less (SNMP, WMI, SSH, TELNET, etc.), pulling and pushing methods, as well as other advanced techniques to address all monitoring requirements. With hundreds of certified plug-ins (such as HTTP, SMTP, Traffic, CPU, DISK, MEMORY, etc.), and thousands of predefined templates - advanced monitoring processes can be deployed immediately and easily.

Traffic Monitoring

With Real-time visibility and alerts on network usage, a built in traffic monitoring module ensures the quality of service and availability of LANs, WANs, routers, and any other networking elements. Using automated discovery tools allows you to perform thousands of SNMP queries across the network with only a small percentage of bandwidth.

Application Monitoring

Centerity Monitor allows you to deploy and configure deep application inspections, analyze on demand via performance counters, WMI, WBEM, and command line. Centerity offers predefined plugins for hundreds of commercial applications such as operating systems, Microsoft Exchange, DB (MSSQL, Oracle etc.), SharePoint, Oracle, Bea webLogic, Firewalls Radius and more.

User Experience Monitoring

Centerity real-time synthetic user experience module allows you to detect, control, and improve end user satisfaction by measuring applications response time, identifying performance degradation, and addressing service problems in real time.

Easy Installation & Deployment

Easy deployment in any type of network and IT environment; from small networks to large scale enterprise networks, with automatic discovery and distribution options. By using the system’s unique installation methodology and open-source elements as background engines, Centerity Monitor server can be fully deployed in a large scale environment, including all advanced modules, within days.

Business Service Views

Real time health views of business processes and transactions. Quickly build end-to-end infrastructure service health views, apply thresholds to service availabilities, and reduce the risk of failures to comply with SLA’s, as well as understanding and analyzing problems in any service component layers.

Centralized Views & Reports

Powerful Web-based front end allows you to view and troubleshoot any problem, create real-time comprehansive application performance reports, baseline and trend statistics, optimize your applications, and create comparison graphs for different types of flows and scenarios.

Alerts & Proactive Actions

Powerful capabilities enable automatic reactions to discovered failures detected by Centerity Monitor in response to outages, performance thersholds, or any other type of service failure. Alerts can be sent via SMS, eMail, or messaging software. Useful actions can be automatically executed in the event of an emergency or service failure. The Event Handler performs actions such as restarting the problematic service, rebooting computers, sending SNMP traps and more.

Centerity solution for MSP’s

Centerity Monitor is designed to work in multi-tenant environments, and allows you to visualize, display and build custom dashboards, views and reports for different types of customers, organizational units and users. By using Centerity, any service provider can offer enterprise class monitoring capabilities as SAAS or remote service.

Monitor your Cloud Services

Centerity Monitor is an enterprise class compliance software for cloud environments which allows service providers and organizations to achieve viability, performance, service level reporting, and operational efficiency & control to their cloud based infrastructure and SAAS services.