Centerity is a leading provider of all-in-one enterprise class information systems and IT infrastructure monitoring solution. While changing the rules of monitoring, Centerity enables IT organizations in various market segments to simplify all aspects of network management and information flow, and enhance business performance. Centerity Monitor provides accurate measurements, drill down root cause analysis, real time statistics, live network maps graphs and other advanced features. Centerity Monitor End-User Experience and Business Service Managemenet allow for high level presentation of business processes and the delivery of high quality services to end users.

Over the last 8 years, Centerity Monitor has successfully served in organizations ranging from SMB to global enterprise from all districts (Telecom, ISP, Industrial, Technology, Government, deface, financial and more) delivering a complete easy to use all-in-one monitoring system with the most advanced features, modules and complete independence.

Within a few days of deployment, Centerity will reduce the TCO by up to 80% followed by fast ROI and dramatically better cost-performance. We invite you to join the new rules of monitoring systems - your rules!